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The main decisions of the FITASC ordinary general meeting

8 августа, 2018
FITASC Focus on main decisions voted during the ordinary general meeting held last 9 july 2018 in Paris (France).

1. Modification of the all sports rules: the OGM unanimously approved to add the following rule to the articles 8.6 of Sporting rules, 3.2 of Compak Sporting rules, 1.06 of Universal Trench rules, 3.3 of helice rules and 4.1.1 of Combined Game Shooting rules:

When a shooting position is fitted with a bin or a container for empty cartridges, the shooter must drop them off there. The shooters using semi-auto shotguns have to pick up their empty cases after leaving the shooting position and throw them in the bins. Non-compliance with this rule will lead to the usual sanctions (yellow card / red card).

2. Modification of the Sporting rules: the OGM unanimously approved reinstating the category of the targets on the menu of shooting positions and the fact that the referees will control before the competition that the 4 machines are compliant to the target menu.

3. Modification of the Compak Sporting rules: the OGM unanimously approved the addition of the Chapter 5bis – Compak in line / Absence of a shooter (Appendix 4):

A competitor absent on the first day of the competition is withdrawn from the entry list for the second and any subsequent day(s) of shooting. If he / she presents themselves on the second or subsequent days to shoot, he / she will have to forward a written explanation to the jury according to the terms described at Chapter 5.

4. History of the FITASC: the OGM was informed of the completion of the history of the FITASC between 1921 and 2017 for the Clay Target and Helice Shooting Disciplines, through the reports of the General Assemblies and the meetings of the Clay Target and Helice Shooting Sections of the FITASC.

This synthesis of reports of general assemblies and meetings, supplemented by excerpts from these reports, and with access to the minutes in their entirety, will be available on www.fitasc.com by end of 2018.

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